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In our country homesommerfrische(summer retreat) we offer

• Bed and Breakfast the French way
• Discover the South Burgundy region (Charolais) with our guidance
• relax and unwind, let go in our house and garden,
• Language is no barrier, we can communicate in English, German or French.
• We can give you ideas for day trips in the region, and how to discover culture or nature,
  country and the locals, also including and also activities for children.
  Spend your summer holiday with us and indulge yourself.

Dive into a landscape, in a world, which is good for the body and the soul and
helps restore energy and strength.

Our dream has now become a reality

We dreamt for many years of living in the green rolling hills of France, in a charming, old romantic country house with a beautiful view. In 2011 we finally found it, in a location in the most southern part of the Burgundy - well actually we are 1km outside and belong officially to the region of the Rhone Alps. We are surrounded by the famous rural landscape of the Charolais nicknamed "Bocage" known for its beautiful white cows. We enjoy a wonderful view onto a number of farm holdings and even onto a medieval castle.

        "Our dreams are those that most resemble ourselves."
                                     Victor Hugo

The best of Country Life – pure nature

It is a laid back country life without stress. It is so much quieter than where we come from (the region around Stuttgart in southern Germany). Instead of car alarms we hear the chickens, the frogs, the cows, the birds, sounds that you don't hear in the city, but which can bring their own sense of wellbeing. We live here during the period from May to October and enjoy nature to the full, working in the garden and enjoying the company of our guests, whom we love to indulge.

We want to share all this with our guests

We are surrounded by verdant hills, with meadows bounded by hedges - the rural landscape is called Bocage – and although man made, it is fundamental to ecological balance For this reason there is a rich variety of flora and fauna to be found. Close by (only 15 km) is the river Loire – a paradise for canoeists and cyclists (the beginning of the ‘voie verte’ – a beautiful cycle track to Digoin) and it is ideal for families. There are also wonderful opportunities for walks directly in front of our door.

Special cultural activities

The Charolais to the North of Maizilly has one the highest concentration of Romanesque churches in the world, many of them in good condition. A treat for all lovers of Romanesque architecture.
The Renaissance castle "Chateau de Dree" is open from Easter to October.
The rose gardenin the castle grounds is best viewed in early summer and a feast for the senses.
Make sure not to miss the canal bridge of Digoin, a masterpiece of engineering of the 19th Century, just 45 km away.